Sunday, May 15, 2011

Redwoods and Oregon Coast-Itinerary


Even though we carry our home with us, we still like to go on the occasional ‘vacation’. Actually, we sometimes find it is easier to leave the rig parked and just take the truck even though it means we will need to stay in hotels. We did this when we went from Benson to Tucson to visit my cousins and we did again when we left the rig in Lone Pine and drove over to Death Valley.

This time we decided to leave the rig in Grants Pass, Oregon and drive over to the California coast to visit the Redwood National Forest. We left Grants Pass about 9:30 – early for us – and arrived in the Redwoods National Park by early afternoon. First we stopped at the Jedidiah Smith State Park where we ate a packed lunch and took a walk to see our first super big redwood tree.DSCF6808


Of course we had to stop for the afternoon pie and coffee:DSCF6834

And then on to Crescent City where we had our first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean:DSCF6836

We went from myriad shades of green to shades of blue.

We continued down the coast visiting many of the Redwood National Park sites before arriving at the Requa Inn, our home for the night. The Requa Inn was built in 1914 and had not been changed much since then! But it was beautifully decorated, the breakfast was outstanding, and sleeping was wonderful! In addition it had a wonderful view of the Klamath River. We watched a bear on the other side of the river after dinner!


The view from the front porch. What a wonderful way to end the day!


On Friday we continued our exploring of the Redwood National Park before turning north on Highway 101 toward the Oregon coast.DSCF6934

We stopped in Gold Beach for the night with reservations at the Inn of the Beachcomber. Before ending our day, we were able to spend several enjoyable hours with friends Pat and Paul. We had met Pat and Paul in Paducah, Kentucky when we first took off as full timers in 2009. After a brief hello we went our separate ways that morning only to find ourselves parked next to each other at the next park! It was so much fun to see them again after several years and thousands of miles!

We enjoyed our seafood dinner and then they took us on a tour of the town. Unfortunately I forgot the camera! After a good visit we went back to our room. This is the sunset view from our balcony:


Saturday we woke up to a rainy, foggy, Oregon morning and began the drive back to Grants Pass. We originally thought we would retrace our route (101 to 199 and back to Grants Pass), but then looking at the map we saw a road that went directly from Gold Beach across to Grants Pass. However, after a little investigating, we found that the road was not for those inexperienced in Oregon snow covered back roads. So we studied the map again and decided to stay on the 101 north to Bandon (the cranberry capital of the west) and then take scenic 42 over to I5 where we would head south to home. It was an excellent choice!

DSCF6941 - Copy

Along the way we passed farm land with cows, sheep, llamas, and goats as well as timbered land. The picture below shows the timbered areas on the mountain side. It must be extremely difficult to harvest the timber on these steep slopes. After cutting and clearing, they go back up and replant for future use.


The view from Interstate 5 just before arriving back home:


Another great ‘vacation’.


Wanderin' said...

Love the Redwoods, the Oregon Coast and your wonderful pictures!

Janie and John said...

Looks beautiful. I have heard so much about the parks along the Oregon coast too. Glad you has such a nice "vacation".